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How to Get a Job Overview

Here are just a few tips and tricks that I must help you get the job that you want in your life. It is broken down into 5 steps, but you take as many steps as you need when you are looking for the job that you want. You are going to get the job that you need at the right moment.

Part 1

· Take a few days off to appreciate the time that you now have off

· Get all your chores done and out of the way

o Clean inside, outside and underneath your fridge and oven

o Take things to the donation/charity show

o Take your empties to The Beer Store

o Run all errands

o Do all loads of laundry even if it is 10 loads

o Get groceries

Part 2

· Get yourself into a routine

o Now that all of your distractions are out of the way you have time to complete what really needs to be done

o Get up and go to bed around the same time every day

o Book appointments for the doctors, optometrist and dentist (plus any other appointments that you may require)

o Have one hour each day set aside to be looking for jobs and/or job related tasks including interviews, job hunting/searching and market research

o Have a set time every week for home cleaning, grocery shopping, errands and laundry

Part 3

· Polish your cover letter and resume

o Do not be afraid to get help with this

· Do your research

o Find out what is out there and what you want to be doing

o Look for networking events, job fairs and placement agencies

§ Book appointments with them or put them in your calendar to be reminded to go

o Determine when you need a job by whether it be full or part time

· Have a clear idea of what kind of job that you are looking for and that you want to be having

· Find job service websites that seem to be more targeted for you and the positions that you would like to have

· Get resume paper and start to create a portfolio for yourself so you will look more professional when you arrive at interviews, job fairs and networking events

Part 4

· Prepare for interviews

o Research the company

o Ask them questions

o Be will groomed

o Do a mock interview

o Have specific job-related examples prepared

o Have a ‘sales pitch’ or ‘elevator pitch’ for yourself prepared

· Network and Market yourself

o Have business cards

o Create a professional online presence

o Go to events (marketing, social gatherings)

o Talk with family and friends

o Work on your own personal ‘sales pitch’ or ‘brand’

· Attend all networking events that there are in your area

Part 5

· Start applying to jobs

o Set a goal for yourself with how many positions you will apply to that day/week

o Continue to network and market yourself both in person and digitally

o Read over each job description in full and work key words into your cover letter when applying

o If you take public transit, make sure that the position is on a public transit route and the hours the position and public transit comply

§ If you can take the time to do a ‘test’ run

· After a few weeks take the time to adjust your resume and cover letter to the job market

· Make sure that you are adjusting your cover letter for each position that you are applying for

· Change how you are looking for employment as they may be advertising directly on their website versus a general job service website

How To Get A Job Online, Being An Entrepreneur & Managing Your Online Profile

· You must clearly have defined what your profile is about. You want to it well defined before you start. The profile will change/progress/grow as time goes on, but you want to know what you want out right out of the gate. If you have more then one profile you will want to consider all and any cross over and cross promotions. Make sure you are taking the time weekly to build up your online profile.

I hope that you end up finding the job that you desire and that you can work in that position for as long as you need to. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you so take them when you can. Company loyalty is a thing of the past and you should want to work somewhere new every 5-7 years, 10 years max at any more job. Please keep in mind that what is good for me may not be good for you and this ‘formula’ may work for me but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you and that is ok. Find a ‘formula’ or ‘pattern’ that does! Always do you.


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