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How to Vlog

There are many different types of vlogs that you can do. Some of the different types that you can have or start to do are:

· Challenge videos · Educational · Family focused · Kid focused · Hauls of any type · Daily vlogging – daily living · Motivation · How to’s · Talk show · Self-improvement · Fashion · Abandoned · Minimalism · Travel · Exploring · Reviews · Food · Minimalism · Reviews · Travel · Exploring

Something that you might want to consider is what and the why you are doing this. Is it because:

· To make money?

· For the fun of it?

· To show other people stuff like:

o How to’s

o What you are doing (average day, day in the life)

o How to do something/accomplish something (i.e. crafts, living in a vehicle, safe money, how you make money)

· To get out there

· The enjoyment of it

· The art of it

Equipment is very important to do a vlog but you don’t’ need to have everything when you start to vlog. The money will come in at some point and you will be able to afford different things as they come in some examples of equipment that you might need to vlog is:

· Video camera

· Gimble for the camera

· Phone

· Phone gimble

· Micro phone

· Ring light

· Computer

· Editing software

o Final Cut Pro

o Windows Video Editor

o PremierPro

o Movavi

To vlog there are many different branding things that you are going to have to do. For example you will need to:

· Come up with an upload/posting schedule

o The time of day it will be posted as well as the day of the week

o How often are you posting

§ i.e. every day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

· Decide what your vlogs can be about

o The growth and amount of videos that you can post within the genre of your choosing

· A schedule of when you are going to

o Film

o Edit

o Upload time

o Time to gather the materials you need to film the video

o A background/arrange your backdrop for the video

o Plan out the video and what you are going to say

You will also need to decide what your brand is going to be.

· Are you going to have a catchphrase

· The same intro or outro

· Are you going to have a theme song or a song that you usually use in your video

Make sure that all of your music is royalty free

§ Some examples of sites that give out royalty free music are

· (iffy because the artist may need to be paid royalties)

· Epidemic Sound (Best to use)

· YouTube audio library


· Landry Audio

· Premier Beat

Some examples of B-Roll footage sites are



· Envato Elements


The key is to stay consistent with your content and if you can, batch your content whenever you can. This may mean that you are filming several videos per day or that you have several videos on the go at one time as you might be waiting for some materials to be coming in to help you complete this video.

You will always want to have links in your description to all of your other content including your merchandise page if you have any. The top link should be to your home page.

No matter what the reason as to why you are doing this, make sure that you are consistently working and improving on your content and you are working towards a better future for yourself.


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