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It’s not what you said…Its how you said it

Have you ever had a miscommunication with someone or had a conversation with a group of people or a person that suddenly became awkward because you ended up saying something that just didn’t come out right and it was misunderstood?

This happened to me recently and I misunderstood what they were saying but we both ended up looking like we had an egg on our faces. It was soon explained to the both of us what happened and what had happened. It did relieve some tension, but I guess if you are going to dig yourself into a whole it is better to have company then to be alone.

I used to have this problem more so when I was younger and didn’t know how to properly communicate in a lot of different social situations, but I have grown as a person and have been able to learn from experiences and am able to communicate better.

The tone of your voice can be very helpful as well as it can be misconstrued as being a bad comment when it isn’t meant to be.

Sometimes confusion in a situation can also lead to a miscommunication that isn’t meant to be either.

Words are very important, and it is all in how you use them that can help make or break a situation which is very helpful. Communication is key and you want to be able to talk to everyone as if they are on the same page as you but that isn’t something that always happens.

Sometimes in the workplace this can be very difficult to really communicate as to what has happened and how to navigate what is going on, but you always must try things out and always be learning with what is happening.

Sometimes you can have the best of intentions with what you are saying but it comes out wrong as well.

If you are unwilling to change with your communication skills, then you may find yourself fin a situation where you are constantly being misunderstood and the wrong picture of you is being painted.

Always try to say things in a different way to try and help others see your side of the story. Sometimes you can say the same thing repeatedly and it falls on deaf ears but if you try saying it differently it could end up coming out the way in which you intend it to come out!

Happy conversation to you!

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