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Everyone has judgment, if you say that you don’t judge people or situations in life then in my opinion you are not being truthful with yourself. Whether or not you voice then or are a keyboard warrior is a different situation all together. A judgment maybe a fleeting thought that you may have but they are there.

I think that most people will not say thing to you directly, most people don’t like confrontation.

Its like people will compliment you if you have lost weight but no one will ever tell you how overweight you look at that particular time right.

Just because you walk into a room or past some one or a few people and they stop laughing or talking doesn’t mean that they were talking about you.

Someone may make a face and/or a noise in your particular direction but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is directed at you.

Ultimately, the universe doesn’t centre around you and not everyone thinks about you all the time.

I think that people are so self-focused majority of the time that they don’t have any time to think about anything else, they are just trying to think about how it will affect them at the end of the day. It really doesn’t matter how much you over think something or rehearse what you are going to do, in the end it never ends up going the way you think it is going to go does it? There are always factors at play that you can never anticipate.

Just because someone judges you whether you hear it in words, see it typed or with a face and a noise, you do you, never pay attention to the ‘haters. If you spend to much time thinking about other people, then you could forget to live your life. If you want to spend all your money on something expensive like a brand name of shoes, pants, books, or electronics then go and do so. Its not up to anyone how you should spend your money or time. If you find value in it, then just do it.

Things are all relative and perspective, for example, if I want a book and I find value in this book regardless of if I am going to read it or not (which is my choice to do so) but I want it then I should be able to purchase it without any judgment for anyone. This other person who is passing judgment on you clearly does not see the value in it that you do and would potentially see the value in another book or item out there and that is their prerogative. We all don’t need to spend our money on all the same things. I find value in books, and you may find value in kitchen gadgets and that is fine, we don’t all need to agree on what is valuable. Everyone is different and we should treat each other as such.

Instead of judging other people, let it go and just focus on you. You are enough.


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