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Lady Bird

Lady Bird came out in 2017 and I remember it being hyped up and now that I have seen it, it is worth the hype that it did receive.

Lady Bird is about a young teenager in her last year of high school and is super angsty.

Her parents work hard to give her everything that she has but she is front the “other side of the tracks”. All the clothes that she owns she got at the second hand store and her mother has altered them to fit her perfectly. Her mother works double shifts at the hospital to help make ends meet. Lady Bird goes to the catholic school to help her get into a really good university.

Lady Bird is a self given name to Christine that she wears with pride.

Her mother is really hard on her for she wants the best of her daughter but comes off as just being really hard and makes Lady Bird feel like she hates her and needs an eating disorder.

The relationship between mother and daughter really doesn’t get fixed but needs to get worse before it gets better as when Lady Bird gets into a university in New York and needs to take a flight to get there but her mother wont even come into the airport when she leaves.

Lady Bird has a friend, Julie that she has had forever and it seems like that their friendship will never end. Lady Bird wants to be cool so makes friends with Jenna. With her she meets Kyle who she dates and looses her virginity to. After things go sore with Kyle she ends up going back to Jenna wanting her approval back. They go to prom together and have a wonderful time together.

Lady Bird is in New York and gets drunk the first night while she is there. They guy she is with calls an ambulance and she sobers up in the hospital. After getting out of the hospital and is sober she calls home, no one picks up and she tells her mother over voice mail that she is thankful for her.

It is a heart-warming movie about teenage angst. I am happy that I wanted it. I am not sure if I will watch it again, but I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in a good teenage angsty sort of movie.

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