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Last Night in Soho

Last night in Soho is the latest movie staring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith.

The movie is about a young girl who moves to London to go to the fashion design school as she wants to be the next big fashion designer. She is in love with the 1960’s London and listens to all of the records that her Granny has. She is able to take some of the records to London with her.

When she is in London who finds out quickly that she isn’t like the other kids her age and finds a place off campus for her to stay while she is going to school.

While at this new place when she sleeps, she realizes quiet quickly that she is dreaming for a girl named Sandie who is an aspiring singer and is following her on her adventures that she is having.

Sandie gets convinced by a man named Jack that he can make her the next best sensation but really, he makes her a hore in the red-light district and he is her pimp as they say.

Throughout the movie you tend to think that Jack ended up killing Sandie but, in a twist, ending you realized that Sandie ends up killing all the ‘suiters’ that came by her place. She hid them in the floorboards of her apartment.

Sandie and Jack are haunting Ellie’s dreams but is giving Ellie a bunch of ideas of dresses to do for a collection for school.

Ellie ends up making friends with John, a boy in her class, who really wants to help Ellie out and be her friend.

At the end of the movie John ends up saving her and is her best supporter. Ellie is more in tune with things that are a bit supernature as she is living out Sandie’s story in a way and in a way tells John this and he believes her which only makes their connection stronger.

To make it more of a twist ending, the land lady of Ellie’s new apartment ends up being Sandie, explains what she has done to Ellie but only after she has spiked Ellie’s tea as Ellie won’t be able to tell anyone, but John happens to come by to check on Ellie just in time. In the commotion that was happening when John came by, a fire started in the building, John got stabbed in the abdomen and Ellie gets away.

Fire and police end up coming to deal with the fire and rescue John and Ellie but the land lady, Ms. Collins end up staying in the burning building because she doesn’t want to go to jail, and she knows what she has done is wrong.

The movie was pretty good, suspenseful, I think it was a perfect release time for it being around Halloween. Would I watch this movie again? Yes, more then likely but I think that I would most likely end up watching it again next year around the same time. Would I suggest this movie? Yes, for sure!


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