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Less is More

Can you get more out of less? Can you have a more grand or luxurious life if you own less? If you owned less could you have more flexibility? Is flexibility better then owning stuff? Is experiences really better then owning stuff?

If you didn’t spend money on stuff or things then you could save money then you could do other things, go places and really honestly having experiences. You could be opening up yourself to opportunities that you didn’t know you could have. For example, you could move places or cities, countries or get the place that you want to live for a job.

If there was some sort of emergency where you had 4 hours to grab everything that you own and get out of your house, what would you grab? What are the things that are the most important to you? The theory is, is that everything that you would grab is what is most important to you and is what you should have and keep with you. Everything else is just stuff that you don’t need and well should be getting rid of. I have a theory that they things that are really at your fingertips that are out and about, essentially in your living spaces are the things that you really need and everything else should be thrown out.

Items don’t need to be decluttered all at once but as long as you are now bringing in more stuff. A good way to do this is to ask people not to purchase things for you, just to hang out and maybe just have a coffee this way you don’t need to be purchasing more stuff in your house.

If you have less, traveling and getting ready to go out will not be so hard. You will only have what you need and getting ready and actually going out is what you have.

If you have less stuff in your home you will realize that it is stuff, that you may not have a lot of sentimental attachment to items in your home. The physical items that you have may have a weight on you as a person that you may not actually think exists. You may not think that having so much clutter in your home may be the reason that you are not sleeping as well at night or really getting the best use out of things in your home. You may end up having more time in your life to do the things that you actually want to be doing. You may end up even finding things in your home that you didn’t know that you had. By getting rid of things you may be freeing up space in life and home to actually be doing the things that you want to be doing. Clutter can definitely take away from you living your best life.

Stuff may be also be people that you have in your life. People who are always demanding of you and are wanting stuff from you. These people may not be adding anything in your life but ultimately be bringing you down. If you ever are going out to see someone and you are stressing out about seeing them or they end up making you feel heavy after you visit them then may be cutting ties with these people maybe the best thing. That way you can be focusing on those people who are the most important.


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