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Let it Go Before You Get Let Go

Have you ever held a grudge? Have you ever had a moment in time that just stuck with out? How much do awful memories play a role in your life? How hard do you find to it to be able to let things go?

I got to thinking the other day that in life, it is really about the other person and never about you. I may want to do other tasks at work, that will eventually get done, they might not be the most exciting things that need to get done but they do end up getting there and it is hard to let go of that and to really prioritize and really do the work that needs to be done. Maybe the work that needs to get need first is harder and requires more attention then the tasks that you want to be and is probably much easier. The point is the more you don’t let it go and not do the work that you need to get done then the more chance of you getting let go or get a warning for not doing it, is going to be what is going to happen. Do you really want to get let go from your job because you were really not doing anything or just do anything but what you should be doing?

I was also thinking that if you are holding grudges against people that they might not want to be part of your life because you keep bringing up old garbage. Well if you keep doing that then you will not have a lot of friends.

If you have a lot of stuff around your home that you don’t need then maybe people wont come over or give you want you need because well you just have way to much clutter around your home.

The point is to let it go, let go the drama, the grudges, the emotional, mental and physical clutter that you have. Just let it go before you are let go. Letting go can also make you into a better person as well. Personal development and growth is one of the best things that you can do in life. Let everything go before people let you go.

It is different for everyone to be able to let go and we all let go in different ways. We shouldn’t be letting it stay in our bodies all couped up, let the elephant step off of your chest. Be able to go out and enjoy your life. Let yourself live in a place that is free of clutter and is somewhere where you can really live and enjoy being. Allow yourself to work while you are work, be more while you are at home, enjoy your surrounds wherever you are. Enjoy being the moment, the present, here right now is right where you need to be. Things just happen and it is how we chose to deal with them is what matters. Our actions speak louder then words. Go forth, be fancy free, allow yourself to be free of what is weighing you down and live your life.


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