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Letting Go

Letting go is something that I am currently working on. It is really hard to accomplish. Sometimes it is easier to get carried away with other peoples opinions, thoughts and what they are telling you to do. Sometimes it is just way easier to do what someone else wants you to do. There are moments in life that stick out to you and that you carry around with you for a while but you shouldn’t let others paint or build up walls (or barriers) around you. Others can have opinions of you but you shouldn’t letting that control your life.

The point is, is that you have opinions of others like others have opinions about you. What other people are dealing with right now is their problem not yours. You always have a choice in life even if you don’t think that you do. We are defined by the choices that we do make in life.

You just need to let go of the pass, stay in the present and only carry around with you what you need to be carrying what is essential.

If you don’t do something even though you could intervein doesn’t necessarily mean that you should intervein. It isn’t up to you to teach someone a lesson, especially the lesson that you think that they should be learning. If someone stops being your friend because you don’t help them out then that is their problem. You are amazing and a wonderful person who’s best is enough. Sometimes no matter how you see a certain situation regarding someone close to you, they need to be burned, scorched and kicked around a few times before the final stray kicks that camels back before they actually see what is actually happening.

No matter what is happening sometimes you really just need to let it go. Holding onto things isn’t healthy. You need to take the weight off of your shoulders. Not everything in life is meant to be carried alone, somethings are not supposed to be carried at all. You need to be able to let it just roll off. Time heals all wounds.

At the time of the day you can change and honestly do what ever you want to be doing, you just need to get started. If need be right away don’t let people what you are doing so you can make a fresh start on things. Don’t let you cancel your own future and especially do not let anyone in life cancel you. You are in charge at all times and can do whatever it is that you want to be doing.

At the end of the day you are in charge and there is nothing you can do to change how you are in charge. You are the director of your who life. Let go of what is holding you back in life. Let go of what is going on with other people. The more your focus on other people the more you are taking away from your own life. Let it go and more on and focus on your own life!


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