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Life of Pi

Life of Pi came out in 2012 starting Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Adil Hussain. The movie is based upon a book written by Yann Martel published in 2001.

The movie follows a young boy named Pi Patel who suffers a shipwreck and looses his family. He can get on a lifeboat but is the only survivor or thinks that he is.

You see Pi and his family was moving to North America from India for a better life. In India Pi’s father runs a zoo. They are bringing the animals with them in the ship, a few of the animals make it on the life boat with Pi. A zebra who has a broken leg, a spotted hyena, orangutan, and a bangled tiger.

After the initial storm had passed Pi assess what is happening on the lifeboat that he is on. Quickly nature takes it’s course, the hyena kills the defenceless zebra, next the hyena and the orangutan have an ‘argument’ but ultimately the hyena wins again. Being angry Pi yells in frustration at the hyena when all of a sudden, the bangled tiger jumps out and takes down the hyena. The lifeboat was still half covered so when Pi was standing on the covered side of the boat it was easy for him to forget that the tiger was even on the lifeboat.

Pi quickly makes a small ‘raft’ out of life jackets for himself that is tied off to the lifeboat, so he doesn’t need to spend all of this time on the lifeboat with the tiger. Now all he can do is wait. Wait for someone to resume him. The movie is filled with a bunch of beautiful shots of sunsets and sunrises but there doesn’t seem like there is much hope for Pi. Soon Pi see’s that there is a boat in the distance and does what he can to get the boats attention to no avail.

Pi realizes that once the zebra, hyena and the orangutan are completely eaten by the tiger he is next. If he doesn’t come up with some sort way to feed the tiger he will die. Pi figures out a way to fish, this way he can have some tuna for himself as well as loads of fish for the tiger. As luck would have it, they cross a migration of a school of fish so he is able to collect loads of them.

One morning Pi wakes up and he sees that he has come to an island that is out of nowhere and most likely no one ever knows about it. Pi goes onto the island, welcome for land and sees what is what. The island is covered in lemurs. During the day, the island is like a paradise, Pi is considering living here. The tiger being named Richard Parker (essentially the hunter and the tigers name got switched on the paperwork but they decided to keep the name!) was having fun chasing after the lemurs but at night ran back to the life boat. As Pi is ready to go to sleep, he notices that the island is turning into a jungle were the ponds of water turn into acid and the vegetation grows into something that it isn’t edible. Pi notices that there is a tooth in the vegetation, he does not fully understand what it means but he knows that he can’t stay there on the island. The next morning, he collects some supplies from the island, calls for Richard Parker to come back to the boat and they take off.

Before you know it Pi is back on land. A few hours after landing on shore he is found and taken to the hospital. Before he was rescued, Richard Parker gets off the boat and without looking back goes into the jungle to where he belongs, never to be seen again.

At the hospital Pi tells his story to two men who want to know how the boat went down for insurance reasons but Pi doesn’t know why the boat went down in the first place so he is no help.Pi gets better and lives a life that is fulfilled.


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