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Marketing Yourself

There are many ways that you can market yourself, there are many different platforms in which you can market yourself on but for the most ideal job you want to be able to do your research and do the leg work to get the job in which you want.

You want to be making sure that you are dressed for the job in which you want and not the job that you are currently working at is a good that I have put to good use. Some platforms that you can market yourself on listed below:

· YouTube Channel · Website · Patreon · Etsy · Facebook · Linkedin · Twitter · Instagram · TicTok · Snap chat · Twitch · Pinterest · Mix · Reddit · Discord · Slack · Ebay · Affiliate links · Spoitify · Appearance fees · OBS Streaming · Stereo · Sound Cloud · Ad Sense · Merchandise · Sponsorships · Kijiji · Craigslist · Shopify

Networking is always a good thing to make sure to constantly be looking at events around your city to know how you can get in touch with others who are also looking for new work. There might even be a group online that you want to get together with just to share ideas or to hang out with. Regardless of what you decide here are some ideas listed before on how to network and marketing ideas.

· Have business card

· Create a professional online presence

· Go to events

o Find the events that are out there and schedule that ones that most speak to you and plan to attend them, schedule it in your calendar with an alarm to help remind you. Ask a friend or family member to go with you

o Set a reminder for yourself to follow up on your contacts regularly

· Talk with family and friends

· Work on your own personal ‘sales pitch’ or ‘brand’ (some call it an elevator speech)

· Set up appointments with placement agencies

· Sign up and attend some networking events

· If there are workshops that you can attend, then do so

· If it suits what you are wanting to do, get something printed to go/handed out like a mailer, flyer, brochure, post card ad or a business card

Interviews are very important. It could be what makes them hire you. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for an interview.

· Research the company – just to make sure that it is a place that you want to be working for

· Ask them questions – try to use key words and phrases that are related to the company specifically. Ask as many questions that you can that are related to the company as it shows interest in working there.

· Be will groomed

· Do a mock interview

· Have specific job-related examples prepared

· Have a ‘sales pitch’ for yourself prepared

· If there is someone you can do a mock interview with, take the time to do that

o Give them a job description or advertisement of the type of positions that you are wanting

o Give them some interview questions that you think you might be asked, or you have trouble answering

o Have them critique you on:

§ Your dress

§ Mannerisms

§ General over all appearance

§ Generally, how you represented your self

§ Good answers to questions? Need more job specific answers?

Placement agencies are not for everyone and they don’t all offer long term contracts but listed below are some suggestions regarding placement agencies.

· Have the agencies work for you:

o Message them either by phone or email to remind them that you are still looking for work

§ Put an alarm in your calendar to remind yourself to do this every week

o Each time you apply to a position that they are advertising:

§ Apply the way that they ask on the advertisement, then email or call your contact saying that you have applied to this specific position quoting the advertisement saying that you would like to be considered for that position


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