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Mass Consumerism

Letting go of stuff is hard, we attach ourselves and meaning to items. Ultimately, stuff is just things that can be replaced. The weird thing is, is that even if you get everything that you want, you will always want more, there is something else that you will always want. If all of your needs are met then you shouldn’t want more, you shouldn’t need more. How many creature comforts do you really need?

How often do you fall into the different sales tactics have you fallen for lately? Different sale tactics like buy one get one for X and you really didn’t any of just one was enough? You think you are saving money but you are honestly just spending more money. Or the impulse buys at the end of the isle or at the check out counter? Justified a purchase just to have it, like a jacket or sweater? Yes you will use it because it does get cold outside but how many jackets do you really need? Had caffeine like a coffee or pop because you thought you needed it to start off your day? Caffeine is a drug, people don’t think that it is but you think that you need it but you really don’t. Your body gives you everything that you need in life, you don’t any additives.

You get a high from spending money. The thrill of purchasing something isn’t a reason to spend money. You get something from caffeine, doesn’t mean that you should consume it. You get an effect from consuming sugar, it doesn’t mean you have a bag of candy or a cookie.

If all you had is the basic’s, the necessities of life, you don’t need any extra’s. If you need a new pair of pants then get a new pair, you shouldn’t have to go to your closet and think, which pair of paints should I wear now. As an example of this, I know a few people that shop at second hand shops, not that they is anything wrong with that but because at most stores if you were to get it first hand it could cost you around $25 for just one item, at the second hand store you could get 3 or 4 items for $25 so that is what they do. Do they need 3 or 4 items? Nope they just need the one, but they think that they are saving money because they are spending the same amount of money. It is a marketing scam in a way, you feel like you are saving money due to it not being as expensive as it would if you purchased it at a first hand store but you are still walking out of the second hand shop spending the same amount of money. It’s like going to the dollar store, you think you are saving all of this money because it is only a few dollars when actually going to the department store may be the better deal.

The point is, do you really need any of this stuff? Can you just get rid of stuff now and just stop purchasing more stuff? Can you really just get down to basics with what you need? Why are you holding on to stuff?

You will always have the memory of the stuff that you had and can take pictures of the stuff that you are getting rid of. If you only have what you need you will only use what you have, take the time to get things of quality not quantity.

You will always want more so get rid of a bunch so you could have room for it!


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