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Mass Consumption

Mass consumption that we are probably mostly have fallen into this trap. It is an easy trap to get into. Part of this is the marketing schemes that stores put in place. Some type of these schemes could be how the store is designed like having some impulse items at the end of the isles or at the check out counter, having a buy one get one deal/buy more save more.

It is easy to go out and purchase these items despite them not being needed. I have heard of different techniques that people use like just going to that specific store, avoid going out on paydays before you run through your budget or a 30/30/30 rule (it can be a 60/60/60 or a 90/90/90 rule essentially if it costs less then $30, within 30km and takes less then 30 minutes to get again then you can get rid of it as it is convenient to get again). Something you might want to take a look at is getting a change of mind or a different way to look at something like how it isn’t a good deal if you don’t need it and if it regularly costs $25 and you are getting it for $7, you don’t need to spend more money as you most likely don’t need more, the one item is all you needed. Another trick maybe to have not a cart or a basket, if you are only going in for certain things and you should be able to carry it all then just grab what you need and not overly tempted to purchase more items that you don’t need. You don’t always need what you see, there is always the odd time that you didn’t remember that you needed it until you saw it but it doesn’t happen all the time.

When it comes to food, really be aware and decide if you really need any of all of this food. Will any of the food go bad? If you are treating yourself, is this item something that needs to be shared? If so, are you going to share it or save it for a later time? If you are purchasing something to make a recipe but you know that you need an ingredient but you know that you will most likely not use that ingredient again (so it will go bad) can you substitute it for something that you will consume so it wont go bad? If you want something in the store try to think more realistically, are you actually going to eat it? You don’t want to add to food waste. Only purchase what you will be consuming.

Mass consumerism isn’t always just items can also be some other items like TV watching, social media or generally way to much screen time.

How much waste do you have? Is it because that you consumed to much? Are you put thing things in place to prevent this behaviour? Do you have any suggestions to prevent this? What type of guidelines do you have in place to curve your mass consumerism? What are your tips and tricks that you would give to others?


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