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Mental versus Physical Clutter

During these trying times it is easy to browser shop and when everything arrives you may not have the space to put everything. Do you find it hard to not purchase something online? Do you have any policies or steps to make it harder for yourself not to purchase things online?

I am finding that I have a lot of stuff, I have been going through everything as much as I can but its that the donation centre is temporarily closed so I can’t donate them. In one case I am waiting till things calm down in a friend’s life to be able to bring them their Christmas and birthday gifts. It will also be their housewarming gift as well. I hope that I will be able to do so quickly just to get everything out. I know that this is party of the physical clutter that I am that is affecting me mentally.

The point is just like the mind and body are connected, the mental and physical clutter that you have also affects one another. I think that you have to keep going through your stuff as well to stop purchasing stuff. Have a list and keep to it. I always have a list of things that I am not 100% sure about that I want before I purchase so I when I do have the extra money to purchase them I can or so that why I am not always running to the store to purchase things and not putting myself into temptation island to purchase them.

What I like about clutter is that while you are going through stuff to try and to remember that some of the stuff that you have can potentially be used as items to regift or to give away as friends and family just because. I find that I always need to remind myself that somethings are just garbage and that I need to put it in its place instead of holding on to it or giving it away.

How do you get rid of some of your mental clutter? Do you meditate? Do you journal? Do you keep a physical or digital journal? Do you keep your physical journals? If you keep your physical journals how long do you keep your physical journals for?

Do you have a lot of physical cutter? How often do you go through your stuff? Do you donate your stuff? Do you have trouble going through your stuff? Do you have trouble letting go?

Are you a minimalist? Are you an essentialist?

I hope that what ever you do in your life that you keep on working on yourself and your personal development. You keep going through the clutter that you have so you can have the life and living space that you do have. Evolution is something that will happen and try to revise your plans accordingly to be more in tune with what you want to be doing. Stay current, go at your own pace and create all of your own rules that you live by. Never compromise.


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