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How connected is your mind and your body? Is your mind really that powerful that it can affect how your body will react to things like stress or food allergies? How powerful is your mind?

I have always wondered to what extend your mind does have over your body. If you think that you are going to get then will you? It is along the same lines as if you are what you eat, are you always you think? Or do you become what you think? Would something have happened whether or not you had the idea first? How often does this type of things happen? Do you have a dislike to a certain type of food because you think that you wont like it or do you just don’t like the food for not liking it?

I have heard (from some personal development type people on YouTube) that they are the same. That your mind and body are one. Now I don’t think they mean if you are sick and you start to think that you are not sick that you will just get better because you thought it but being more positive about the sickness will make it go a lot better for you.

It is I guess the power or law of attraction can be quite a positive thing that can happen in life that can help you out with a lot and make things better but I guess another way to look at it is your perspective. I mean you can either look at a situation in a good way or in a bad way, the glass is half full or empty or is it both?

You can always make things easier on yourself by just changing your perspective on the situation.

I personally have stressed myself out over nothing and have given myself hives and hair loss but they have all gone away or came back rather quickly which is thankfully amazing that it did and I try not to taking things out on me like that in such away anymore where I will physically react like that. Because of these reactions I do think that your mind and body are truly connected and what you think really can be manifested into reality.

How connected do you think your mind and body is? How often to you pay attention to what you think and how it affects your body?

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