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Mindset Shift

Do or have you ever gotten so worked about up something that ultimately didn’t matter? How about getting so worked up about something that you are so livid in the moment about the situation but then a few hours later its like nothing ever happened? Do you ever take the victim attitude where everything is happen to you and you alone? Or that this is happening to you specifically because you did something? Do you think that things just happen the way that happen or because you did something and as a result things are happening this way?

Sometimes I find that all I need whenever I get worked up about something is that I need to change my mindset. I need to shift my thinking about the situation. I usually need to take a step back and change my perspective on the situation, stop projecting what I think about what’s happening (honestly they are not doing it just to get to you or because you are busy, if someone is doing something to get your goat, you will know it, if not I am sure that person will let you know!) and I need to stop presuming what others are thinking and why they are doing it. The world doesn’t revolve around me and what I am doing and thinking. Just because I am thinking about it a certain way doesn’t mean that is the way that it is.

For me if I am spending a lot of time on my own perspective, presuming what I think is happening, and projecting what I think is actually going on when I just need to my mindset about it or really my perspective on the situation. For example, if I don’t l don’t like to do something at work, then I should keep the lines of communication open. Usually, what happens is, is that I will need to continue to do that task temporarily but there are options, maybe this particular task someone else can do or that there is an end to the task and I just have to wait it out. Or maybe I have misunderstood the situation completely and that the extremities will always be there which is why it is happening the way that it is happening. Sometimes it is how I can going about it now which is the problem. Maybe I am just focusing on what I can’t do versus what I can do. Sometimes if you are focusing on the negative to much I just go in the opposite direction.

Changing my perspective on the situation is always the key thing that needs to happen. I just need to take a second look on how things are and change my mindset and attitude about what is actually going on.

I have the power to change and at the end of the day it is my choice. I can take the negative look at the situation and think that I am a victim or that, hey this didn’t work for me today but tomorrow is another day one where I can make the adjustment so I can have a successful day!

Have you changed your perspective and had a mindset shift recently?


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