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Minimalism and Food

How much food do you have? Do you have overstuffed cupboards, fridge and freezers and still find the need to go grocery shopping? How often do you go shopping for food? How often do you look at your cupboards and think that you have nothing to eat but in fact you still stuff in your cupboards and your fridge and freezer? Do you feel that you have to much in your life? How often do you really don’t have anything in your life but you still go out and buy more?

I find that I have way to much food in y house at all times and we still go and get groceries way to often. I do eat to much in a day in general but that is also in part due to the fact that I eat out at least for one meal or snack every day. Eating is something that needs to be done daily but at the cost to our bank accounts and bellies. I find that it is very easy to go overboard with everything especially with food.

I find that I am always treating myself. I don’t need to be treating myself as often as I am. Food is something that I find that I need to become more of a minimalist with. I spend to much time and money just on food. I know that I will be fantasying on food for a very long time but food isn’t something that I need to be consuming as much as I am.

In my house we are throwing out food on a regular basis as it is expiring. The point is, is that yes I should keep experimenting to get the right ‘diet’ that works best for me. I know that I need to eat better and ultimately less with what I am eating in general.

Food and eating is something that is something that isn’t going away but we can control how much food we purchase, and eat. Eating and purchasing food is something I need to become a minimal about. I need to purchase less food and have less food in my home and limit the amount of food that I eat in a day. I don’t think food is something that I need to be to eating as much as I am and is something that I need to be working on. I need to change how I eat. I need to make sure that I become more conscious of how I eat to be more aware what is happening so I don’t over eat.

Do you find that you need to be more minimal with what you purchase and eat? Do you find that you bring to much into your home that you don’t need? do you find that you tend to eat more then what you need to? Do you eat because you want to finish off what you already have? How much have a vacuum are you with food and meals? What are your thoughts on leftovers? Do you think that you need to change with how you eat?


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