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I recent watched the BBC show called Miranda. It has 3 season and 20 episodes in total.

The show is a comedy and stars Miranda Hart. The show follows Miranda who is social inapt and her adventures. She is in love with the chef at the restaurant that is next to her flat and store where she lives named Gary.

Throughout the entire shows duration Miranda and Gary are friends but you s the viewer do want them to get together so by the shows end they do end up getting married which is quite fun to see.

Miranda who is 6’1” in height has a best friend and business partner named Stevie who is 5’1” in height, they do like to play jokes on the fact that they are two different heights and have a bit of a rhyme to go with it. Miranda’s height does seem a little off as you don’t see many women that height at all. A few times Miranda does can mistaken as a man and in one episode as a trans women.

Friends try to set Miranda up with many different people, especially her mother who wants nothing more then her only child and daughter to get married. In one of the last episodes of the show Miranda does get two marriage proposals which just sends her mother into a complete head spin from all the years of wanting her daughter to get married to now it finally becoming true.

A sub story which often happens is that Miranda has some friends that Stevie never seems to be a part of and it seems weird that Miranda would be friends with these ladies and vise versa but it does set up some good comedy moments for Miranda to have..

I never had heard of Miranda Hart before this show or her comedy. Her comedy in the show is quite physical which I wonder how tiring this could be at times and if she really enjoyed doing it. Regardless of not knowing her before I do know of her now and I am interested in her comedy and have seeked it out some and I wasn’t let down, she is quite funny.

Would I recommend Miranda to others? Yes, I would say it is worth a watch.

Would I watch it again? Yes, for sure, I am interested in watching it again soon!


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