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Book Hauls and Mittens

Being on a book buying ban can be a hard thing to do when you go to a libraries book sale on the last day when it is $5 for a bag of books.

I am struggling with the ability to choose between my maximal side and my minimal side. Yes, I know that I got a bunch of good books for $5 but most of them are going away because it is my fantasy self that I am going to be reading them. I have a bunch of other books that I am going to be reading so I shouldn’t just keep books around that I am never going to read. I am trying to convince myself because I might become a book seller and therefor having these books around is going to be a good idea, but the thing is, is that I should be getting an ereader and just be reading the books that way or remember that I am at the library 4 times a week so I can be picking up books that way. There is no need to have such clutter in my house.

I think that this year it will be a lot better for me because I will be giving away a bunch of my books as Xmas gifts to people which is very nice but I do have 2 towers of books that I would like to have gone by the end of the year but I don’t think that is going to be as realistic as I think that it is going to be. I mean getting rid of some yes but getting rid of all of them I think is a little too far fetched.

The solution to this problem is just to stop purchasing books, which I think is good in theory but isn’t something that I am not too sure if I can do in practice.

With my night off last night I decided to finish off my mittens which I think was a really good idea and plan for me to be do. I am now the proud owner of mittens with a removal top so I can have my fingers when needed! I am working on matching scarf now so that way I will have a hat, mitt and scarf set for this season. I think that it is strange that some people will get a new jacket for the new season but last year and this year I have worked on getting myself new season accessories to wear during the winter. The ironic part is that both last years and this year’s accessories are going to be pink, different shades of pink but still pink. I do like the colour pink, and it goes so well with my black jacket!

As much as I would like to purchase things in store, it isn’t necessary as I am fully capable of making something myself.

At the end of the week, I am most excited about finishing my mittens and am happy that going forward in the next few weeks, I am going to have some more free time to focus on reading!


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