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Moving On

Sometimes it can be hard to move on from things, but it is more normal part of life.

Sometimes you could be holding onto something that you shouldn’t be. You should always try to not hod onto things that are from before.

Stress is hard but it can manifest itself physically. If you have stress in your shoulders or back or you can give yourself a stomach-ache with all the stress that you may have in your life. You want to be able to deal with your stress in your life so you can eliminate the physical stress that you have in your life so you can move on to bigger and better things.

Changing your hair whether it be the colour, or the length doesn’t change anything it just changes how you look. You need to be able to separate the two. Just like moving homes isn’t going to change anything either just your surroundings.

I think that there is an Asterix to everything and sometimes physically moving on is what you need to be doing but for the most part you need to be able to deal with the turmoil within you and see what is out there.

The last thing that you want to do is to bring your baggage to the dinner table so to speak. You want to be able to move on and just realize that for the most part you may not be able to explain why things are a certain way, why people may say something to you or say the say that they said it to you, but it is just something that happened. You might never get an explanation as to what people really meant when they said something to you, but it is just something that happened and that is ok.

Having to grow from the experience is something that can be worth while and it is something to investigate. Having the ability to have things in your life that is secure to help you move on from petty things is a good thing. Moving on with your life is a good option to help eliminate stress is a great idea.

I don’t have any tips or tricks for you, other then I like to go out for walks. How stress I feel, the longer of the walk that I can move on from the problem. I also like to work the problem. Something bad may have happened but how I can fix this it so I can continue to find out that this is not going to happen to me. How am I going to resolve the problem, how do I want to move on with my life?

There is always a workable problem that you have, and you can be doing something that you want to be doing.

What types of tips and tricks do you employ to make sure that you are not holding onto things that are weighing you down? How do you move on?


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