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Mr. Brooks

Mr. Books came out in 2007 starring Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and Dane Cook.

The movie is about Mr. Earl Brooks who is a successful businessman who has a ‘secret passenger’ where he is a killer. He has a ‘friend’ named Marshall who is his manifestation of his ‘secret passenger’. It has been two years since Mr. Books has killed anyone. He goes to AA meetings to help keep it at bay.

For whatever reason Mr. Brooks decides that he is going to kill another couple. When he does, he forgets to make sure that the blinds are closed before killing the couple.

Dan Cook’s character Mr. Smith who lives in the apartment building next door takes pictures of him killing them. Apparently, it is known to the building that this couple likes to have sex with their blinds open.

Mr. Smith shows up to Mr. Brooks officer the next day as Mr. Brooks is the official Man of the Year and his picture was in the paper, so he was easy for Mr. Smith to find. Mr. Smith shows Mr. Books the pictures that he has implicating him for the murder of this couple. All that Mr. Smith wants is for Mr. Banks to take him on the next murder that he does.

Demi Moore plays Det. Tracy Atwood who has been trying to solve the case of the ‘thumb print killer’ knows his ‘MO’ and knows that he hasn’t killed in two years and likes to position his bodies before he lives.

In an odd twist in events the murder that Mr. Banks takes Mr. Smith is to murder Det. Atwood’s ex-husband and his attorney. After the murder Mr. Smith tries to kill Mr. Brooks.

Mr. Brooks has been killing people for quiet some time now and knew that this was a turn of events but wanted to know how things were going to turn out first before he let himself be killed because after all his daughter has dropped out of university because she is pregnant and doesn’t know if she is keeping it or not and he wants to know how this story is going to play out.

Mr. Brooks has been killing people for so long that he had so much for thought to be able to move Mr. Smith out of his apartment, give a fake address to lead Det. Atwood to a apartment building in the bad side of town where she is able to get the murders of another crime.

As Mr. Brooks does want to live, he ends up killing Mr. Smith but making sure that Mr. Smith gets the credit for being the ‘thumb print’ killer. He is ok with that as he is no longer going to kill anyone anymore.

As it turns out Mr. Brook’s daughter is not pregnant, but she also has this ‘dark passenger’ as well and the reason for her drop out is that she killed someone at school. Luckily as she is new to the killing world Mr. Brooks has cleaned up after her after the cops came to the house to question her.

At the end of the movie Mr. Brooks has a conversation with Det. Atwood but knows that he will always be able to get away with what he has done and has a nightmare where his daughter kills him unexpectedly. Sleep well Mr. Brooks.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch it. It is a big gory of a movie but does have a pretty good story line. It is a re-watch for me and I will most likely watch it again in a few years. Maybe don’t watch it at night!


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