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My Life In Ruins

My Life in Ruins came out in 2009 and it is a movie that I have spent many of hours rewatching.

It is a movie written and staring Nia Varadlos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame. Nia is a successful screenplay writer as she wrote both My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies, My Life in Ruins and Connie & Carla.

Nia Vardalos’s ex-husband Ian Gomez, as always, has a small part in this movie as well.

The movie follows Georgia who is a university history professor who has been laid off due to cutbacks is now a tour guide for a local company in Grease.

Georgia can’t wait to get out and to start doing better things for herself if only an other university will hire her.

After doing 30 tours she has had enough and has decided that the tour that she is on now will be the last tour that will be doing for the company. After all she feels that she gets the worse group out of the two with everyone being a stereotypical copy of the last tour that she gave and she gets the worse accommodations then the other guy that is there.

As the week progresses, Georgia and the tour group become more like family and get up to some antics themselves. Georgia falls in life with the bus driver that she thought that she was getting stuck with at the beginning of the tour.

On the last night of their tour Georgia’s boss comes and offers her a raise as the other tour guide quiet and that a letter has come form Michigan University to have Georgia teach there.

Georgia decides that after this one excellent experience with this tour group and being in love with the bus driver that she is going to stay in Grease and be a tour guide.

I love this movie so much and would recommend to others to watch it. It is a very cute movie that is easy to watch. The one thing that I don’t like about it is that, it is a really big decision to not take the job that you want and working for whole life to have only based on a new found love that may not last and one tour group out of 30 that was a real good experience.

I will always go back and watch this movie. I would suggest this movie to everyone!

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