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Online learning or in class learning

As the past year and a half have come and gone, the timing of it has moved differently for everyone and the new school year has begun, you as a student, do you prefer learning online or being in the classroom?

Personally, I prefer to learn through online classes where I can be self-directed in what I am learning. I like to take things on my own pace, take longer time on units that I need to and speed through units where I do not need to.

I find that I excel most when I am on my own speed versus being at the speed of an entire class. I know that this isn’t for everyone, but which do you prefer?

I hope that with the pandemic more and more classes and programs will be offered online and will continue to be offered online. What I also like to see is that there are also accelerated, and fast track programs out there being offered as well.

I am not in the right mindset to go back to school but if I was, I would like to be believe that I would excel most from going into an accelerated or fast track program so I can get ‘in and out’ of school quickly and into the work force as fast as I can. Experience is one thing that I like to be getting in school which can be hard if you do not have the education to back it up. I think the main reason why I would want to take the fast-track program is that I am not going to be taking so much out of my personal life and I can get back into a new sense of normal that I do have.

I find that if I was fast tracking through a program and I was learning online I could still be working, and my finances would not be implemented because of going back to school. Getting reeducated is an admirable thing to do if you ware able to go back to school. At this specific moment in time, I am not in the right mindset to go back to school but maybe at some point I would be able to do so.

There are other ways that I can get ‘real world’ experience, by volunteering or getting certifications to be able to work with the public.

What do you prefer to be doing? How would you go about getting educated? Do prefer to online or in the classroom? Would you choose to take an accelerated or fast track program? What is the learning style that best suits you and why?


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