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Online Postings

With all the wonders of social media and all the different platforms that there are, it seems strange to me how much information people are willing to put out regarding their personal lives.

To be upfront I do not have any social media whatsoever and the platforms that I do tend to have that could be considered a public platform I tend not to post as I have never felt the need to.

I find that it is very easy to manipulate or twist someone’s wording and to take something the wrong way, take things out of context as well as misinterpret what someone is trying to say, so I do not want my own words to be taken out of any order. Sometimes in an emotional less environment it is hard to have certain things conveyed.

I find that people tend to put so much of their personal lives online and admit to things that they shouldn’t be online. Now everything is a preference, opinion, and perspective but how much of your personal life should be online?

Have you ever made a posting online and then in real life had someone ask you about it? Have you ever asked someone about what they have posted online?

I have heard stories of what others have posted online and it wasn’t that great to the point where I have changed my perspective about them in real life. I think that somethings should still be private.

At times I don’t think that social media isn’t as ‘forward’ as we think it is. It makes it easy to stock someone and to get their personal information from just what they post.

Have you ever had someone have something listed or where able to gather enough personal information about someone to be able to track them down or know way too much about their personal lives? How much is to much for online postings?

How often do you post online? Do you think having a private account helps? Do security settings really do their job? How often do you check it? Is posting things online in a way help you be accountable for your choices in life?

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