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Online Purchases and Products

Why don’t I purchase things online anymore you may ask, well I do but I have learned a very important lesson with it.

One day I was complaining about a friend and how she keeps ordering things online. She complains that she never has any money but always has money to purchase stuff online. If you asked her to go out for dinner, drinks or to the movies she never has money to do so. She also pipes on about how we are going to go on all these trips together but has an unrealistic view of how much trips actually cost. She does not and will most likely never have a savings.

Then almost like magic I realized that I have a savings but I have a list of products that I am waiting for from online. I remember a few months back making the agreement with myself that I need to temporarily lay off the purchases until I get everything that I have ordered in but I never seemed to do that. I have a few more items to come yet and I want to make one more purchase but I am going to wait until more items that I have already ordered to come in.

I can always make excuses to order things, that I need them. The world isn’t going to end if I don’t order these things right now. My life isn’t going to be in utter ruin if I don’t order any of these things now. I still want to make the order but I really do need to hold back.

I get so worked up about online purchases as well. I am always scared that it isn’t going to be exactly what I ordered, broken or damaged, a wrong item or just not come at all. If it takes 6 months to get here then well It is going to take 6 months to get here, I really can’t do much about that now can I? I get so worked up about whether something is going to be coming that it isn’t worth actually ordering items online due to the stress but I always seem to justify it despite what I put myself through.

Most companies these days are pretty good with their customer service and will replace and/or refund whatever seems to wrong with your order which is always nice.

There are some things that I am finding that I better to get online, cheaper and have a better bang for your buck online then the stores closest to me which is always nice. Convenience is key.

I don’t think that I will ever stop ordering things from online stores but I know that I will be taking a break from it for the time being. I don’t want to stress myself out or be like my friend who spends all of her money at the online stores instead of saving up for those life experiences which are so much more frugal and long lasting!

Do you purchase things online? Do you prefer to get things in store? How often do you get things online versus in stores?


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