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Over the Moon

Over the Moon came out in 2020 staring Brycen Hall, Glen Keane, Ruthie Ann Miles, Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo and Ken Jeong.

The story is about a young girl named Fei Fei who builds a spaceship to meet a mythical moon goddess. She want’s to meet her to have her help her after her mother has passed away and her dad has a new girlfriend. Fei Fei has a hard time adjusting to this and wants her other to come back as well as the dad’s new girlfriend has a really annoying son named Chin.

Fei Fei wants to see this moon goddess named Chang’e. She builds herself a spaceship that actually works. As she takes off she starts to loose momentum and she doesn’t know why, soon she realizes that it is because Chin has tagged along and she didn’t factor in the extra weight. As luck would have it Chang’e sends her lions to help them to bring them to her. Once there Fei Fei immediately falls in love with the moon goddess. Chang’e believes that they have a gift for her that will help her see her beloved again. The kids do not have it so Fei Fei gets banished. At this point Fei Fei goes back to her ship where she meets a dog named Gobi who helps her get back to the goddess and helps her find the gift that she wants. Gobi is also there to help her realize that Chin has helped her out in all of the ways that she didn’t realize, and it was his annoyingness that really helped her out.

Once Chang’e gets the gift she finds her beloved but he has died. His spirit is always with her though, with this new found knowledge she helps Fei Fei recognise that although her mother is gone her spirit will always be with her and that she is able to open herself up to Chin and his mother. At this point after the touching moment has passed and the lesson has been learned (as it is with all children movies) Fei Fei and Chin get sent back to earth to go be with their parents. Fei Fei welcomes them into their home, and the adults get married. Everything gets resolved with a pretty little bow pinned on top. The movie also has lots of music in it that is very catchy!

The movie does seem very familiar but is worth a watch a few times over. The colourful creatures and music does add to the movie quite a lot. The journey arch that both Fei Fei go on is really something, it does bring them both closer together. There is personal growth had by both of them and they are happy to be siblings. The new family is something to be envied.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure would. It is a familiar story that is enjoyable, it is a lot of fun to be had by the whole family. I am over the moon for Over the Moon!


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