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Painting and No reading

We got some painting done this week, so I couldn’t get a lot of reading done but I did set up my whole new reading set up which I think is very cool.  I have way more books on my TBR than I thought.

I was going to give away some of these books but then I got to thinking that I am going to keep them for now, maybe start to bring some back to the bookstore but I think if I end up getting an ereader for Xmas then yes, a lot rather quickly are going to make it back to the bookstore rather quickly. 

I am still going to keep a few so I can donate them to a mini library and some that I know that I really want to be reading but I want to make sure that I get rid of a decent amount of my current book selection that I have as I really just don’t need them, and I if I have an ereader then I can just get the book for that and it will create a lot less visual clutter in my home which is really what I want to be doing. 

I am really looking forward as to what I am going to be getting for Xmas though even though it is not about the things and what you get it is more about the other person and what they think of you in a good way.  It is just another way of showing love, I think.

I have the time to read. I am just not taking the time to read I think or taking advantage of all the time that I do have.  I find that I do a lot of unwinding which doesn’t help the situation when I could just be unwinding more with a book which is the better thing and I have all the time in the world to be doing this kind of a thing.

I do still plan on attempting to read every single day and I want to make more a time to be reading which is always a good thing to do.  Reading does help reduce stress and it is more productive than just sitting and watching TV.

I have been working on my knitting as well.  It is nice that some of it is really coming alone, I still have a while to go on it yet, but it is something that is going to keep me going and I am very excited about that.  I have been doing better with reading during my lunch hour as well, which is always something better and something that I want to be doing and is something that I do want to work towards as well. 

Still Reading The Unmaking of June Farrow
Reading Setup Changes

I am very happy with the choices that I have made with the book layout that I have done with my TBR shelf but stay toned as it may be changing again in a few weeks!  Change is always nice, appreciated and welcomed.



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