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Passengers was released in 2016 staring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishbourne.

The movie is set in the future where they are going to the planet called Homestead 2, a plant that humans are going to ‘concur’. As the ship Avalon, is going to this new plant they go through a meteor storm. As Avalon passes through some of the meteors get through the shield, one of the errors that happens is that one of the humans in a sleeping pod wakes up, Jim Preston.

Jim spends a year on Avalon trying everything thing that he can think of to get his sleeping pod back to work as well as trying to get into the command centre. After a very trying day Jim spots an android working as a bartender and becomes friends with him.

After a really low point in Jim’s life for being alone for the past year, he considers suicide. When he decides that he doesn’t want to do that he runs arounds the ship, when he slips on a bottle. When he gets up, he finds that he is next a pretty girl who is a sleeping pod. After much deliberation Jim decides to wake her up, Aurora.

At first Jim describes what happened to her is that it was a mistake that she got woken up and not him. They develop a relationship. At first Aurora does everything that Jim dos, tries to see of the pods will put them back to sleep as well as getting into the command centre. A cute thing that happens is that Aurora has a higher level wrist band then Jim and starts to get him better stuff. These wrist bands are how the ship works.

After a year of them being together in a couples bliss, they are at the bar celebrating. Aurora tells the bartender, Arthur, that they don’t have any secrets, Jim then goes to the bathroom then comes back, while Jim is away Arthur tells Aurora accidently that Jim woke her up. Aurora gets angry at this as Jim took her life away from her. While they are separated some glitches that are happening on the ship become more apparent. Another meteor storm occurs where Gus Mancuso a commander on this gets woken up. Unfortunately, when Gus woke up it was due to some bad fluid getting into his system and dies but not before he is able to give the couple some command codes.

Later there is a failure on the ship and they must figure it out and fix it before they and the rest of the crew and passengers on the Avalon don’t die. It turns out that there was a fire and the vent was not able to stay open to cool it down, there must be a manual override from the outside of the ship. Jim volunteers to manual go and fix it but Aurora will have to pull the leaver to start the vent from the inside. Once there he realizes that he has to hold it open. After a quick exchange of I love you’s Aurora pulls the leaver and vents the fire. Luckily Jim is still alive but the teacher has broken apart from the Avalon. Aurora then goes out herself and brings him back in. When Jim is brought back in, he isn’t breathing. Aurora gets him to the medical bay and gets him resuscitated. They are both alive and well and have saved the ship from destruction.

Now after figuring out that they medical bay bed can go into hibernation for the rest of Avalon trip, who will go in and get to Homestead 2? They decide that they want to be together. They live out the rest of their lives on the ship together. When everyone else wakes up at the appropriate time they wake to a surprise new ship!


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