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Planner, Digital or Paper?

Do you have a planner? Do you have a digital one or a paper one? Are you one to even have a planner at all? Do you use what your phone has innately for a planner, or did you download an application to your phone? What application do you use? What type of paper planner do you have? What is the size of the paper that you use, is it 8 1/2 by 11 or is it A4 or another size? Do you have a daily, weekly, or monthly planner? Do you just use a wall calendar for your events that you have? Do you even plan life?

I am torn at this point in what I want to be using. In a way I want a physical paper planner, but I know that after a while I will just stop using it and regret that I have one because having a digital one is just so much easier as my phone is always already on me. Ultimately, I find that I am not very busy, my day to day or even weekly life is pretty much the same.

Not that I don’t do things it’s just that for the most part I don’t, or I do very few things out of the ordinary that I can just remember that I am doing until it happens.

I think a part of the reason that is holding me back from keeping a planner is that I am of the opinion that life is fluid. I can plan to do all these things when I get home from work but if the opportunity comes up to spend a little bit more time with my husband in front of the TV occurs or drinks with friends or even a family member comes into town then I would like to be doing that instead meaning that majority of the things that I have planned on doing need to be deferred to the next day and I might feel like I didn’t accomplish much or do much with my day despite doing a lot and nothing critical is being missed and I should be enjoying the moment especially with friends and family.

The things that need to get done always get done on the day because well they are critical time sensitive things but let’s say I don’t get a workout in tonight, or the laundry gets washed but not folded the world isn’t going to stop. The dishes can wait until tomorrow morning and the want to reorganize some stationary can always wait until the next day.

I don’t want to let myself down, but the world doesn’t revolve around me and there is always an answer so sometimes I just need to let go and let it be. Everything in time will always resolve itself.

I think that for the time being I will just use my memory and my phone to help with the things that are going on in my life and maybe use a word document to help me better plan for what I want to be doing everyday in a week format to help me create the habits that I would like to get into.

Please let me know what works best for you in how you plan your life.


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