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Power Rangers

Power Rangers came out in 2017 staring Naomi Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Bill Hader and Bryan Cranston.

The movie is the classic theme as the TV show that was popular in the 1990’s. The theme song does play in the movie at the very end as the epic action shot happens. I forgot that Naomi Scott and Elizabeth Banks worked together before Charlies Angels. I am happy that I forgot that Elizabeth Banks was in the movie, it was greatly appreciated to see and know her as a bad character. She did a good job, she hardly ever plays characters in that range and was really impressed by it.

Basically, what happens is that five kids end up being in a cory at some point this one night where they find some coloured coins, they get caught in the cory and try to escape. They try to beat a train as they leave, the train hits the car but all five of the kids wake up in the home. As they go throughout their day they find that they are all super strong.

They go back to the cory where they end up underwater and go into a shape ship where they learn what the coins are and what they are and how they need to defeat an enemy together. Soon they start to fight together and are becoming able to do so. When it comes time to fight their enemy they know what to do, the morph into the power ranger suites, be able to use the corresponding vehicle. At the very end of the all five of the power rangers and their vehicles morph into one big robot creature and are able to fight Rita. After wining they are now back to their every day lives and they are all very good friends.

The graphics are not really good but they are of the times! I do not think that they will age well over time but that is ok. Would I recommend this movie? Yes, if you want to escape into a world that doesn’t exist then why not. There is always better movies to watch but it is still pretty good! Enjoy the might morphing power rangers!


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