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Present and Future Self

They say that your present and your future self is the same person. If you want to start a new habit like reading more, watching less TV, or getting out for a walk then you better start doing that now because if you can’t figure out the time to do it now then you are never going to.

I believe the key thing is to not put your self in a box and to keep knocking down barriers that you put up for yourself. Another key point is to start scheduling in things to do that you want to do. You can set alarms on your phone or have a calendar that you can write on that helps you make sense of what you want to be doing.

I find that I need to start small, for example if I want to go out for a walk three to four times a week but right now, I only have time to go out for one to two walks a week then planning out my schedule including two walks for that week. Eventually once I get used to going out for walks then I can start to incorporate more.

Something that I try to keep in mind is that life is fluid. Just because today, I wanted to do a load of laundry and go out for a walk, but we have people coming over instead or it works out to go out for a date night then that is what I should do. The world isn’t going to end just because I wanted to go out for a walk, and I didn’t or chose not to go out for one. I can always reschedule the walk and that load of laundry for another night that week.

Staying with the flow of activities can be hard at times and wanting to stick to your daily or even weekly goals can be hard enough but it shouldn’t deter me from trying out new things.

Another thing to consider is that if you want to watch less TV then what are you going to be doing instead of watching TV? Reading, going to the gym or meeting friends? Sometimes some habits need to be replaced with another habit.

At the end of the day, you or even I want to accomplish that simple goal of weight loss if I don’t consider how I am going to eat now or when I am at the goal weight that I want to be at. If I will be eating less food that is more nutritious and satiating, then what I am eating now then I need to take the steps to bring more fruits and vegetables into my daily meals and snacks as well as making them be smaller portions.

Whatever your goals are, I hope that you can start making the changes that you want to be making to help make them happen today. Take each day as it is and remember that you hold the power in your own hands to make the changes that you want to make.


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