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Purpose, Produce and Pauch

I have overeaten yet again. I just keep snacking and for no reason. I feel like I am hungry but I am not really. I don’t want to keep eating and eating. If I want to I should just make some popcorn and that is about it.

I need to get more active but what does activity do for me when I just keep eating and eating. When I do eat it’s not like I am going to be eating produce. I shouldn’t be eating at all it feels like.

I would like to learn that eating isn’t ok but only in certain amounts. I am in the opportunity for me to reinvent myself for sure. I would like to reinvent myself as someone who only eats twice a day and that it is 2 different meals and that is it.

I just keep eating and eating and I am not hungry. I would love to be able to follow my food rules as well.

My food rules are as follows:

1. No meat

2. Nothing dairy

3. To eat two meals a day

4. No snacking or grazing

5. Walk more

6. To use intermittent fasting to only to eat after 2pm

If I could sum it up in one sentence it would be:

I eat two meals a day after 2pm that are diary and meat free and I walk as much and often as I can.

I feel like I should repeat this sentence to myself as often as I can. The more you do something the more it becomes more natural for you to be doing something.

The more that I actually only eat what I need the better I will feel. My body, skin and how I feel about myself will be what and how I show other people.

I sometimes feel like I am way to close to the situation that I can’t see what is going on, but actions speak louder then words.

Lessons that I need to learn today are:

1. Only eat when you are hungry

2. Portion sizes matter

3. To eat 2 meals a day after 2pm that are of a reasonable portion size and go out for a walk if I can

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