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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I made some bad decisions today with what I ate. I honestly didn’t pay attention to my purpose about what I ate. I just focused on the fact that I wanted it and that I didn’t need to stop myself from eating it. I took zero actions to better my health.

A step in the right direction though is that I my tea order did come in and I purchased a tumbler so I can have tea while I am at work as well as I am bringing a bigger cup or jar to work so I can hopefully drink more water while I am there. I brought my water flavour drops in today so with the bigger cup it wont be overly saturated with the flavour, or at least I hope. With this ‘newer’ cup that I am bringing into work I will also be able to still use a straw if I want or I have the choice not to.

I also bought a iced tea pitcher which I have some tea steeping in the fridge so if I don’t want to make a cup of tea or use the water flavours or want juice I have this to drink instead.

At the moment I am wanting to increase my fluid intake and not just because it is the summer although that is important. I am finding that I don’t drink enough water. I tend to drink more coffee, and carbonated beverages which is honestly making me dehydrate more and not feel so good at the end of the day.

I am having baked cauliflower for dinner which is better but I have had a lot of snacks plus an unhealthy large amount for lunch.

I am personally having issues with dairy and I am feeling the affects of it from lunch. I need to be more active in make better choices as to not eat dairy.

Lesson of the day is that I have made efforts to bring more fluid into my diet that I hope works and I will continue to do throughout each day and that I need to keep in mind that my tummy does not like dairy so I need to actively cut it out of my diet. I do have soy cheese which is pretty on bar with what I do like.

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