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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Unfortunately, I have spent most of the day fantasying about food, take out food. I haven’t eaten anything yet because I am not hungry which is good but I can’t help but constantly think about food.

What I want to order isn’t really as nutritious as I want it to be but it is vegetarian.

I keep telling myself that I don’t need to eat until later, I do need to complete more work and wait until I can eat. I need to remember that if I keep eating like I have always eating then I will always be the size that I have always been. If I change the way that I eat then I will change the size that I am in. I need to consistently act on actions to not just go ahead and eat.

Part of the problem or solution is that I live with someone. Neither of us have had lunch yet. If I am honestly that hungry then I should get or make something for the two of us to eat.

At this particular moment I am not hungry, so I am not going to make a fuss about food other then fantasy about it.

What happened yesterday was that, I was hungry so I had a snack then my partner came out and made a snack for the both of us. I had a snack before having lunch. I need to learn my lesson that I need to stop acting on my impulses and thoughts about eating. I need to just eat meals and not snacks. I need to remember to ask the purpose of why I want to eat. I need to know why I am eating and why i need to eating. I need to stop acting on my impulses to eat.

It is hard to change, and not do what I have always done. Food is fuel and is something that I don’t need or want to be overly consuming. I need to remember to not just go out and eat anymore.

What the main lesson from today that I need to learn is that I need to change, change is hard but I need to actively act on the goals that I want and that is to not be constantly eating, acting on my impulse thoughts on eating and just eat to eat. I need to be questioning the purpose of what I am eating and ask why I am eating. Knowing why I am eating will hopefully help resolve why I am this big to begin with.

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