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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I made a good choice by not getting coffee this morning but I did have an energy drink saved and I did have that despite not needing any caffeine but there is nothing I can do about it now.

I also purchased lunch at work. Of course, because I ordered way to much food and thankfully I will have some on Monday when I go back in. I found another place that is close by that has waffle fries. I love waffle fries.

I love me some waffle fries. I have had fries so many times this week that it is insane. I was going to get Subway delivered for lunch but I decided not to because I was thinking that if I was going to order food that I should try a place that I haven’t eaten at yet which is what I did.

I need to save my money and not to purchase lunch all the time. Or at least when I am at home or when I need to fend for myself regarding food.

I do have a problem with food. I don’t need to be eating all the time. Due to eating a large amount of food at lunch I am not hungry for dinner. We are going to have dinner later which is good. I just need to show some self restraint and not grab a cookie or a banana despite banana’s being good, its just that I don’t need to be eating anything. I need to have space for dinner.

Food is something different I think. I sometimes think that because I am so close to the situation that I am going overboard. I know that I am overeating but I am not doing anything to act and to stop myself from doing it.

From eating so much or having a large lunch that I am not coming home and having a snack or a really just keep snacking instead of waiting or just having an early dinner.

Lessons that I need to learn today:

1. Not to order lunch at work

2. Not to have a big lunch

3. To continue not to have a snack when I get home

4. To continue having two meals a day

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