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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I did have a few snacks today but I had a really big supper which now I am over stuffed maybe even bloated. I feel really uncomfortable because I have over eaten. What should I do about it?

I need to learn not to snack as well as not to overeat.

I know that I was stuffed but I forced myself to keep eating. I honestly do not need all of the food that I act and I really did over eat by a lot.

I think that this is the thing that I have been doing the past few weeks. I am over stuff, but I honestly just keep eating and eating. If I don’t wan to feel this way then I need to stop eating.

I should really stop binge eating as well. Emotional eating also needs to stop.

I should be focusing on eating two meals a day instead of just eating whenever.

Because I wasn’t hungry when my partner was, we waited to get food but because we waited a little to long to order food I ended up snacking and because I snacked I wasn’t hungry really for dinner which mead to me over eating.

The lessons that I want to learn today are:

1. Not to over eat

2. Not to snack

3. To have two meals a day

Now that it is the tail end of summer I would like to start going for walks again specially because when I wen tout for a little walk this afternoon to the store by legs are hurting due to it. I don’t like this feeling and I know that my body shouldn’t be feeling this way just because I went out for a walk.

There is lots of god things that come from just going out for a walk, and fresh air is just one of them. Darkness is something different when you are seeing it with your own eyes and not just through a window. The exercise that I will be getting will most likely help me sleep at night as well.

I think that cutting back on what I eat and getting some exercise will definitely help me as well.

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