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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I have been quite good tonight but I have over eaten at supper and had a lot of dairy.

I cannot process dairy anymore so I need to stop consuming it.

I also need to start listening to my body and acting on what it is telling me. If it is telling me that I have eaten to much then I need to stop eating instead of waiting until I have a little bit more answer and to keep eating.

A lesion which I have known that I was talking about before and I need to act on is combo’s. I don’t need fries and a pop with my burger or a pop and a dessert either. Just having the one meal item is honestly all that I do need. I don’t need to eat into excess. Just having the one item is honestly enough for me to be eating. It is satiating to be eating just the burger, quesadilla or wrap just within itself.

I also need to be acting on the fact that if I don’t want to be eating beef anymore then why am I ordering the beef burger? I can wait until later to think about the transfers that are happening meaning that the beef burger and the chicken burger are being made on the same grill with the same compress and that the fries are being deep fired in the same oil as the sausages are. These things do matter and may be the cause as to why it is happening to me.

I need to be thinking about how food is affecting me. There are so many things that make you feel happy and things that make you feel bloated and don’t want to do anything but to make a difference. I was thinking about all of the chemicals that you eat when you eat prepacked food and how that really affects you. I do need to do more research about this but I am honestly really interested in how food affects you.

Food can make you smarter or make you have symptoms that you don’t really have. How it affects you and your mind and body and it is worth eating as clean as possible.

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