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Purpose, produce and Paunch

Well I made a mistake today and that is I ate my feelings. I had a microwaveable lunch and I almost ate an entire box of cookies to myself.

I worse crappy shoes today which gave me a blister, if I don’t take the time to let my feet heal from all of the blisters that I have given them then I won’t be able to get some exercise.

I am hoping that dinner can be some veggies or a salad but I wouldn’t say no to a veggie wrap.

I can be reading for a little bit to help with some mental exercise as well.

I didn’t ask myself at all why I was eating what I was eating. I need to identify the feelings that I am having so I can deal with them in stead of eating them. there are some things in life that I cannot change, I shouldn’t be worrying about them but instead focusing on the things that I can change and how I plan on changing them.

Eating all of the junk food that I have eaten in the last few days isn’t acceptable. I do realize why I am the weight that I am. I ma a secret eater as well. I don’t want to admit to myself just how much food that I actually do eat in a day. I am definitely eating for at least two people a day.

The lessons that I need to be learning today are

1. Just because you get a bag of candy, cookies or chips doesn’t’ mean you need to eat the entire bag today

2. What is the purpose or reason as to why I am eating this food?

3. Instead of eating my feelings maybe I should identify the feelings and find a more constructive way of dealing with them that isn’t food. Food is not a reward or punishment

Weight matters. What I put into my body matters. What the purpose of the food that I am eating matters. I need to produce the purpose of my eating so my paunch doesn’t suffer because of it.

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