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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I have eaten way to much food today. Well just high calorie count foods. I did snack and I feel guilty about it but not guilty enough I don’t think because I would still do it tomorrow. I don’t think we are going to have dinner tonight so maybe it is a good thing that I did have a snack but I had a poutine for lunch that was ridiculously over priced for the amount of fries that I ended up getting. I shouldn’t be eating poutines to begin with but I guess it was better then the chicken fingers, cries, biscuit and a drink combo that I was thinking of ordering as well as with a dessert just to treat myself because you know you deserve a food treat every day right?

Well I need to change up how I eat because how I am eating now just isn’t working for me. I also had a sugary frozen coffee today and I learned that having sugar in the morning breaks the fast that you are doing so it isn’t a great idea to be doing that. I should have a tea first thing. I mean I have a lot of different delicious teas to be choosing from and I have a travel mug and a mug at work that I can have my tea in so its nothing new.

If I stay eating the way that I have always eaten then I am always going to stay the same weight that I have always been.

I was looking in the mirror and through out the day I have been able to see how big my chicken wings actually are as well as my double chin. It isn’t pretty to say the least. I can’t believe that I haven’t been able to really see the size that I have become and that I am so unaware of my size that at all times that I am not doing anything about it.

Lessons that I have learned today:

1. My upper arms are really that big

2. If I stay eating the way I have always eaten then I won’t loose any weight

3. I don’t need any combos

4. Sometimes eating local doesn’t mean you are getting what you paid for with product

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