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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I ordered some food for lunch and it was way more expensive then what is worth. I need to bring myself a lunch and stop spending all of my on take out when it isn’t really worth the price that I am spending on it to get it delivered but it is nice to try out new restaurants that I wouldn’t ever eaten before.

I did snack to much and we still have dinner to eat later but I did have a banana which is nice. I will have to bring a banana to work tomorrow. Maybe I should get some snacks from the place in the building’s café but we will have to see. At the end of the day I need to realize that I am spending way to much money on food and most of it is overly expensive for what it is.

Tomorrow I am making a ‘pit’ stop before going into work so I should be able to pick something up for myself that is more reasonable for lunch. I will hopefully be able to pick something up for Friday as well. I will be getting an energy drink which will be nice due to it isn’t going to be a sugary coffee that I have been getting the last few days. It is always nice to be able to change up what you are getting in life although I don’t need the coffee or energy drinks. I should be listening to my gut instinct which is to be consuming tea in the morning and not coffee.

The lessons that I have learned today are:

1. Ordering food for lunch may be fun and I get to try out new restaurants, but it isn’t worth the price that I am paying for it and I need to save my money for future endeavours and for what I want to be doing

2. It is ok to just have one thing for lunch and not multiple different things

3. I don’t need to have snacks and I don’t need to have multiple snacks

4. Produce is always the better choice to have and I should go out of my way to enjoy it more often.

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