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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I got a frozen dinner for lunch which was good and cheap but due to it being mainly cheese I did have some indigestion because of it, but it was better then going out to eat, especially better then ordering in.

The thing is, is that it wasn’t filling enough so I came home and snacked on brownies and peanut butter. I am not hungry but because sugar isn’t satisfying, I feel like I need to be eating more food to fill that void.

At this moment in time, I feel like I need to be more concerned about what I am going to have for dinner then make it. Yes, it will be of an early dinner and I could get more hungry later but I think that dinner is a much better option for me to be having versus having more snacks which are not going to be filling.

That is my problem. I keep snacking because the snacks that I have are not satiating that I keep snacking to the point where I become no longer hungry for dinner at all. I should just cut out dinner to begin with. As bad as it sounds what I should be striving for is to have dinner as soon as I get home from work. For lunch I tend to be having way more food that is satisfying that it is ok for me to be eating it.

Food is tricky. Sometimes I feel like the more I try to control what I intake the less control that I actually do have regarding it. I think that I need to keep reminding myself about what I do and don’t want to be doing regard food until it sticks and becomes second nature to me.

Food lessons that I have learned today are:

1. To not snack

2. To have dinner right when I get home

3. To come up with some food goals for myself

4. Put my food goals somewhere, where I can regularly read them

5. To read my food goals on a daily basis and sometimes more then once daily

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