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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well I did have more for lunch then what I wanted but I didn’t go out and purchase more to eat which is what I want.

I ended up having a few snacks when I got home which I didn’t want to but I did. I ended up cleaning out the fridge and cupboard of a few things which is nice.

I think now I need to be doing is considering what I purchase when going grocery shopping. The things that we are constantly throwing out are things that I don’t need to be buying. That is not to say that I shouldn’t be trying new things is just that I don’t need to be purchasing new tings all of the time as well.

I don’t want to be throwing out food, tis all about limiting the food waste that we have.

I think the minimal look to the cupboards and fridge is the look that I want to be looking for.

I need to clean out the fridge this weekend or at least I hope that I can be doing it and I am just not saying it. I know what I try to clean out the fridge at least once a year, to some that seem gross but I think that is alright just for me.

What lessons have I learned today about food?

1. To eat less

2. Not to snack when I get home for work or just generally at all

I would like to be able to order take out for dinner, just some chicken fingers and fries but I know that I don’t need any of it and I would like to save the calories and money on it. we do have food here at the house so I don’t need to order in food but it would be nice to. We usually have take out on Saturdays so I should really be saving that for tomorrow but it really isn’t a treat if I treat myself to something every day, if I do it is more like a spoil.

Food isn’t really a reward or a punishment either. I should be focusing on something more rewarding then something that will be gone in a few minutes that I eat to fast and my eyes are always bigger then my stomach.

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