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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I am very full right now. We had a late lunch but I ended up having a pretty big snack before I ended up ordering food for us. My eyes were not bigger then my stomach despite wanting to order more food then what I did. Thankfully I didn’t because what I ended up ordering was pretty filling.

I sort of feel like I deserve it though as I did clean up a bunch today. I didn’t want to be doing anything but I did make myself move and do it. Food is not a reward. I needed to do the cleaning around the home and that is just a part of living somewhere and with things, you need to clean up the house a little bit. It is all apart of living. I shouldn’t fee like I need a reward for that at all. Getting a reward for existing isn’t something I should be celebrating.

That is the problem I see most with myself with food. I feel like I need to be rewarding myself with food when it isn’t necessary. I find that I punish myself with food and when I accomplish something great I feel like I need to celebrate with food. Food isn’t a reward or punishment.

Another personal grievance that I have with food is that why does everything, every meeting and such need to be about food? Why can’t we get together just for the sake of getting together? Why does food need to be involved? Why do must things have to centre in around food? Why does it have to be a meal or have to be extravagant?

I think that just getting together should be the reason we are getting together. Food shouldn’t be the thing that brings people together and we shouldn’t be putting it on a pedestal like that.

Lessons that I need to learn today are:

1. Food shouldn’t be a reward for doing something that I should be doing anyways

2. Food shouldn’t be celebrated

3. Food isn’t a reward or punishment

4. Absolutely no snacking

5. You don’t need to eat until you are accessible full

6. Eat with purpose

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