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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Today is all about your treat meal, not a treat day but a treat meal.

I am going to have a treat meal today and that is it. I am going to order a bigger meal just so that way I can have something to take with me to lunch tomorrow as well.

I don’t want to continuously snack all day and I don’t want to be hungry this evening. I would prefer to have some veggies or something light like a salad. I don’t want anything filling.

I have heard that you should eat a large meal first thing in the day then end your day with something lighter in the evening which is what I would like.

I feel like if you eat bigger in the morning then you have all day to work off those calories and I don’t like having a big meal at the end of day making me feel bloated (I don’t like the feeling of being bloated at all) and then to go to bed, having acid reflect as well and you are just sleeping on a full belly. In my mind having a bigger meal at the end of the day it is just going to turn to fat as you as watching some TV and sleeping which is the last you want, you want to be able to actually work off the food. Having food turning to fat is the last thing I want.

I may be all wrong with this train of thought but this is just me.

With my treat meal it isn’t all chemical packaged food it is more greasy spoon which is something that I think is good for me for right now. I think that having a big pizza is better then a box full of cookies and it is more satiating and will keep me more filled for the rest of the day. I haven’t fully decided what it is that I want to be eating but I know that I don’t want to be over doing it. I know that there will be more food then what I need but hopefully I don’t over do it and just do it and eat the whole thing in one day, not one sitting just one day.

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