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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

After I had lunch today I felt really sluggish, sleeping, heavy and a little sick because I over ate. I also ended up getting a headache.

I think it was due to what I ate for lunch. I had left overs from yesterday but it was a really big heavy food that I shouldn’t have been eating because I was mainly dairy and dairy doesn’t agree with me.

I really need to start acting on the things that work for me and not make me feel horrible and start making better food choices.

I think that part of the reason why I may feel some anxiety is due to the fact that I am eating the wrong food, it is really affecting me. I should be more focusing on food that is going to build me up like whole, nature fresh produce that will help build a better meal, mindset and health for myself.

I think I am really underestimating how much food really affects me in my life. Food is really important. I can control what I eat on a daily basis. I do have a voice within the household to help me make better decisions for myself.

Food is way more important then what I think it is.

What are the lessons that I have learned today:

1. To not overeat

2. To not eat dairy

3. To eat whole foods that are going to raise me up

I walk past the market on a daily basis to go to and from work, they have fresh produce there so I should be more looking into getting some food there. If I left a little bit early I would be able to pick myself up some lunch that will serve me right. The price of the food there has to be better priced then the amount I am paying to eat out, especially with my $4.75 specialty coffee that I end up getting every morning.

Having fresh fruit in the morning and veggies in the afternoon or even a salad will be much better for me then what I am currently eating. Plus the produce will not bring me down, make me feel sluggish, tired or give me a headache soon after I eat it. I will be able to continue on working through the day without feeling affected by it.

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