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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well I snacked a lot today so I can’t say that today was a win. We haven’t had supper yet today but hopefully soon and it will be veggies. I guess I can’t be to hard on myself because one of the snacks was technically considered to be a lunch for me so you know.

I did end up feeling a tad nauseous though after I ate. Maybe due to the fact that I am to not snack but to focus on meals instead. Meals over stacks is definitely the option or choice that I choose.

For dinner I do want some veggies but I was thinking that if I could order in I would order in from this one restaurant that has barbecued cauliflower. The last time I ordered them I ordered to much as per usually and I felt sick because I ate to much food and I swore I would never order this barbecued cauliflower again but you know I would like to eat there again. Maybe this time I will just order the sandwich and not the sandwich and a side order of the cauliflower as well.

I do not know what it is lately but I have been really into eating cauliflower. I know that when it is seasoned that it really isn’t nutritious but eating a sandwich that has seasoned cauliflower on it, is better then having a burger that is beef or a veggie patty on it so I really can’t complain. I mean it is a vegetable which is better then nothing.

I plan to go eat out tomorrow and on Friday but I know that I shouldn’t be I am hoping that on Friday that it will be a really big meal that I can be able to stay full and function afterwards for a very long time. After all I do have to do a lot at work which is very important.

What are the lessons that I have learned today:

1. Don’t snack

2. Limited what I eat to create a calorie deficient

3. Eat whole good foods like vegetables

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