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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I had eaten a lot today and they have been full meals I guess which is something. I mean I ordered breakfast even though I knew I shouldn’t when I got my coffee this morning that I didn’t need. I ordered in lunch even though I don’t have the money to do so and I purchased some chips when I came home. I have shared the bag of chips and there is still some left in the bag so it is not like I have eaten them all myself.

I haven’t had dinner yet but will later which I hope isn’t to filling but I know that it will be big.

I don’t know why I ordered breakfast and lunch today especially knowing that I was going to be having dinner. I don’t need to be having three meals a day because I am not used to eating three meals a day and I shouldn't be setting myself up for that one thing. I shouldn’t be expecting it, I don’t want my belly to be thinking that it is something that it is going to be getting on a regular basis when it is not.

I didn’t know that I was going to be going to the store after work but despite that I didn’t need to purchase anything else then what I was going to the store for and I certainly did not need to be purchasing two bags of chips either.

I have eaten a lot today because I think that I had to. Not that it was expected of me to eat but I think that I am built up to think that I need to be eating when I don’t. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast and because I had breakfast I wasn’t hungry for lunch. I think lunch is the hardest for me because I feel like ‘people’ think that you should and I shouldn’t be living up to those peoples standards. I should be creating my own.

If I am not hungry then I just shouldn’t eat.

Lessons I have learned today:

1. If I am not hungry then don’t eat

2. Don’t buy extras from the store if you don’t need to

3. You do not need two bags of chips one is just fine

4. You do not need to be eating both breakfast and lunch

5. Don’t order in food.

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