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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I ate so much food today that I feel like throwing up which is a sign. I had a really big lunch and dinner and they were really close together. I need to learn in the moment to eat slower and that it is ok not to eat the entire dinner. I need to eat but I am eating way to much food.

Less is really more. Eating as much as I am also making me feel really bloated. Food is fuel but what I ate is making me backfire.

It doesn’t matter how much I exercise as it will not make me eat less food or make me make better food choices. If nothing else it will make me eat more food because I feel like I can because I am getting exercise.

I am currently eating for two to three people. I need to be eating less. By eating less I am not going hungry. That is another problem I am having I am not hungry. I feel like I need to be eating because it is lunch or dinner time and not because I am hungry. I am not hungry I am also having lots of snacks as well.

I need to be eating less and be drinking a lot of water. Food isn’t going anywhere. I need to know that it is ok not to eat. our cupboards are so overstuffed with lots of food. We don’t need to be going grocery shopping but we continue to do so, overstocking what we have.

I would like to learn the lesson that it is ok to have crackers, cookies and chips in the house without eating them. I shouldn’t have to go out every couple of days to replace them or just not have them in the house. It is far better to have them and not eat them versus not have them and want to eat them.

Lesson to learn today is to know that I do not need to be eating when I am not hungry and that just because we have food in the cupboard it doesn’t mean that I need to eat it as well as what my paunch is telling is very important.

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