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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well I had a bad day today regarding food and it isn’t over yet. I ordered breakfast and launch and we are having a big dinner tonight and tomorrow.

I had a combo for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant that I ordered from messed up my order but I didn’t call them out on it. I will never order form them again because of this issue and it was really over priced for what I got like most restaurants are for delivery. Ultimately the best part of it was that I did order from a place that I had never ordered from before and I had some eggs bennie with asparagus which I have never had before and it was quite good I think. I enjoyed it. I don’t think I would get it again but that is alright.

I do need to learn that it is better to not eat then to eat. I also had chips after I came home from work. The worse part of it was that I wanted more and was going to help myself but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have had dinner now and potentially at all but I would have eaten far more if we didn’t because I would have ended up kept snacking and if I kept snacking I would have ended up eating an entire bag of chips.

Why do foods that are so wrong for you have to be made to be so addicting that you just can’t stop eating them? They are also so cheap because people can’t stop purchasing them.

I need to learn that less is more when it comes to food. I need to understand that the amount of money that I am spending on food is not ok. I need to stop. I could have more in savings if I wasn’t spending $10 to $40 a day on food.

I need to be able to constantly remember that I am on a ‘diet’. That I just need to stop eating the amount and the type of food that I am eating. I need to have a mindset shift that sticks with me that the size that I am right now is unacceptable and that I need to change everything that I am doing on a daily basis. I need to make the commitment to myself going forward to be able to not do what I am doing daily so I can have a much better day.

With what I ate for lunch today I felt so bad, heavy, sluggish, tired and didn’t want to do anything. I can’t be eating like that, at all times. I need to be able to change how I am eating and to be able to focus on my health. Maybe not eating until I get home is the best thing that I can be doing so I will be able to focus at work and have the energy that I need to be able to finish the job and stay focused. I need to understand that eating as much as I am now is not ok and that I need to remember to change always.

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