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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I need to be able to not eat until I absolutely need to.

I wasn’t hungry today and I ate a piece of toast with a large amount of peanut butter and some chips. Soon there after we had lunch. I wasn’t hungry for lunch, but I still gobbled it up. Therefore, I am the size that I am, and I wonder why I can’t lose any weight.

If I was more on the ball, I wouldn’t have eaten at all, and I would have just waiting until my partner was hungry and we could have eaten together but instead I just over ate. Due to the fact that I ended up eating way to much food and to quickly I may end up being more hungry soon.

I need to learn:

1. That I shouldn’t be eating outside of mealtimes

2. I should only eat after I discuss what out meal’s times are going to be with my partner

3. I shouldn’t be overeating

4. I shouldn’t be wanting to have breakfast

5. To not over

6. I do not need to eat just because what I ate came to mind.

I am so obsessive over food that I cannot control myself around it. I need to work on being able to not eat all the time. I need to be eating less food, less frequently and to have the foresight to see that I am not by myself so therefore I shouldn’t be eating all the time. I should be planning my meals around the fact of whether I am hungry and when my partner is hungry so he will eat versus when I think of a food item that I just end up eating it.

Food is necessary to consume but I am here for more than just the food itself. I do spend to much time preparing and doing the dishes then what the actual food is worth at the end of the day.

Lessons that I need to learn:

1. Wait until I am hungry to eat

2. To consider what my partners aptitude and our ‘meal’ time

3. To not snack

4. To not eat everything that pops into my head

5. To wait until I really need to eat

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